How do we manage Sub Contractors?

Here at merlin Estates, we are very aware that many  projects rely on the supply of facilities and services to be provided by various suppliers or sub-contractors. When projects are undertaken, our  Project Manager may need to:

  • Select the best suppliers
  • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Agree contracts
  • Ensure the goods or services supplied are acceptable
  • Deal with disputes
  • Negotiate changes where the client requires new or changed deliverables from the Supplier
  • Ensure the supplier or sub-contractor is paid in accordance with the agreement
  • Manage the relationship to maintain a good working relationship between the Managing Agent and the Residents

Merlin Estates has an important role to play when project managing, so it is important that we ensure the intended works  meets the requirements of the Management Company.  

Most people in business are reasonably honest. They need satisfied customers to build their reputation and gain future work. But some of them will bend the truth a bit if they feel it is legitimate. We call such people "salesmen". Merlin Estates will always be on the lookout  for the hidden extras. If the contract does not say something is included we know that this will guarantee an additional charge for it!  

In any relationship between a business, both parties will have duties under health and safety law. Similarly, if the contractor uses subcontractors to carry out some or all of the work, all parties will have some health and safety responsibilities.

Our Project Manager would ensure  that there is co-operation and co-ordination at all times between the Residents and the subcontractors. In particular, we would provide all parties with correct and relevant information and ensure the subcontractors are aware of the developments  health and safety procedures and policies

Merlin Estates Team


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