Gardening and Landscaping Policy

Merllin Estates set very high standards for all of our contractors, especially for those who provide our gardening and landscaping services.  We believe that the communal grounds of your property should reflect the quality of your investment at all times.

Here is a check list of services your gardening contractors will provide:


Cutting of grassed areas, weeding to shrub beds and to the premises generally from the second week of March to the third week in October.

We recommend that you use selective weed-killers as appropriate and at the contractor's discretion to maintain all external areas satisfactorily.

NOTE: All grass cuttings to be collected and removed from site.


November to February visit the site once each month. All boarders and shrub beds to be tidied at each visit. Remove fallen leaves from common areas, footpaths and hard standings.


Keeping all shrubs pruned and maintained throughout the year and keeping all shrub areas tidy and clear from rubbish. Prompt removal of fallen leaves during the appropriate season. All lawns to be edged where appropriate.

There should be no self-set elder, sycamore or ash on any development. We recommend a maximum height of shrubs to be 30cm (12") below any windowsills. There should be no evidence of brambles, doc leaf, thistles, buddleia, dandelion or nettles present throughout the development. *All rubbish and materials should be removed from the premises immediately and should not be left for later collection.*

Sweeping of all paths, parking and paved areas, as and when appropriate

Contractors must ensure that Merlin Estates Ltd are notified if there are any concerns raised by operatives attending any developments under their instruction.

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