Elevators and Lifts servicing advice

Some developments are provided with a Lift which are required to be insured and require regular servicing and maintenance.  Unfortunately by their very nature lifts can be very expensive to run and maintain.  Merlin Estates always ensure that lifts are provided with an annual service and maintenance agreement with a certified lift maintenance company providing a twenty four hour service provision.  This agreement will be put into place on behalf of the Residential Management Company

To comply with Health and Safety requirements, the contact details of the lift company must be displayed on the internal walls of the lift carriage in order that these may be used in times of emergency.  If for any reason your lift does not have this information please contact us immediately in order that this can be rectified.

Please note that all lifts have a maximum weight and or maximum persons limit.  It is imperative that these guide lines are adhered too in order to avoid accidents.  

Please also note that for reasons of safety, it is not advisable for young children to travel in the lift carriage without being accompanied by an adult. Merlin Estates

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