Are we able to have Cable for our apartment?

The simple answer to your question is yes! Depending on your location and the age of your property you are able to have Cable form third party companies such as Virgin Media.

When new apartment blocks are built good developers are taking in on board the requirements of the average household including Cable. This means that a riser cupboard normally situated on the ground floor will have connectivity to each apartment within the block. A simple phone call to a cable company will be able to verify the possibility or even contact us and we can inform you.

If you live in an older building you will probably not have cable wired to your apartment. If this is the case we strongly suggest you contact your preferred cable supplier to see if they can provide Cable direct to your apartment via an external wall. If they can provide Cable then please make sure you contact us prior to any install as there well be strict conveyance on you building especially if your development in a conservation area or if it a listed building.

Any installs must comply with strict cabling routes to ensure no unsightly cables are covering the external wall of your apartment block. For example, if you have a gutter down pipe or a window seal please ensure that the cables are not visible to the naked eye. Also ensure that the right colour coaxial cable is used so that it does not stick out like a sore thumb!

Click the Virgin Media icon below to check Virgin Media cable services in your area


Your property may have a Communal Sky dish and/ or a communal terrestrial Arial for Freeview please click on the relevant link.

Are we able to have freeview for our apartment?

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Are we able to have Sky for our apartment?

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Before you install call us today for up-to-date advice so that

  • You conform to the lease
  • You do not incur any additional charges

Good Luck

Merlin Estates Team

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