Advice for Leaking Over Flows

Overflow Pipe

Leaking overflow pipes can be extremely irritating and if left can cause structural damage to the fabric of the building.  There are two main sources for leaking overflows.

  • Toilets cisterns
  • Cold water storage tanks

The remedy for both is generally quite simple and can best be described as adjustment of the water ingress valve supplying either the cistern or the cold water tank.

As water levels rise, the ball valve is lifted and in so doing cause the plunger to shut off the valve. However, sometimes the valve and plunger can become coated with a build up of calcium deposits thus preventing the valve from closing correctly.

Adjustment of the plunger entails gently releasing the lock nut and then adjusting the screw plunger with a screw driver.  When completed, the water flow will have ceased and the lock screw can be tightened.

What happens if I don't repair my leaking over flow pipe?

Leaking Overflow Pipe

If the leaking overflow pipe is ignored, then it is possible for the surrounding external brickwork to become discoloured and damaged.  A build up of calcium and algae may result which is unsightly and may eventually cause long term damage to the fabric of the building (brickwork). 

If this build up of both calcium deposits and algae is allowed to continue it will almost certain become increasingly difficult to remove. Furthermore, it should be born in mind that in some cases with certain building designs, (especially older properties) that eventually damage to the external brickwork will allow water and dampness to penetrate the inner fabric of your property causing damp patches and unsightly mould within your rooms.

Whilst the presence of mould is unsightly, it may also become hazardous to your health.  Mould spores can become ingested (inhaled), and this is particularly problematical for Asthma suffers. We suggest that remedial measures are implemented as soon as the leaking overflow pipe is detected.  By doing so will prevent further and un-necessary damage to the building. 

Should you require any information regarding the above or maybe you would like one of our independent contractors to make the repairs for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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