Development Site Visits and Meetings

Development Site Visits and Meetings

Merlin Estates Ltd will carry out:

  • Regular inspections of the developments
  • Attend periodic meetings with Directors when required to do so
  • Following a site inspection a report will be sent through to the Directors advising them of any matters of concern requiring authorisation for payment to implement rectification or remedial


In order for the development to progress smoothly, Merlin Estates realise that it is imperative for them to meet with the Resident Directors on a regular basis, thus taking the opportunity to discuss any matters of concerns required to be addressed. In most cases these meetings would take place on a three monthly basis, although this can be increased as and when required. However, whilst it is considered important for a AGM to be held annually for the appointment of Directors and Auditors to the Management Company, this is no longer a Statutory requirement under the recently amendment of the Companies Act (2006)

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